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This life is not balance at all and even is very hard to understand, because the way you will be looking at it might totally different from the way it is. There are many numbers of people throughout the world and we have different type of choices and decision. What you likes might be what your labour hates most.

Sometimes someone may have been doing something for a very long time, and suddenly change his/her mind, and decided not to continue with it again because of one or two things. After that, people will be wondering on what made him/her to change suddenly and decided to live another life. But if you have an opportunity to call the person and ask about what he/she saw that made him/her to change, he/she will surely have one or two things to say about it.

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My today’s inspirational message made me remember in year 2017 (3 years ago), when a Nigerian Reverend Father identified as Patrick Henry Edet, decided to dump Catholic Church and married, everybody was wondering on what made him to change his mind after some years he has become Reverend Father. As I have said earlier, we have different type of choices and decision. So, Reverend Patrick Edet decided to change his lifestyle and married for a good reason.

(Photo of Reverend Patrick Edet)

Reverend Patrick Edet decided to dump the Catholic Church so as to avoid breaking the laws, and rules guiding the doctrines of the Catholic Priesthood and got married to his wife identified as Mrs Iyene Patrick Edet. Even though some people used to criticize him, but Reverend Patrick Edet doesn’t care and as he continues living his life with joy and happiness. If you look at his recent photos below, you will know that the former Reverend Father, Patrick Edet, is feeling fine and fresh.

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See some of his recent photos below;

My dear readers, what do you have to say about this article? Do you also think that is good for Reverend Patrick Edet to marry, than to commit sin against the laws and rules guiding the doctrines of the Catholic Priesthood? Kindly drop your comment below and share this article to your loved ones.