Gradually, the Big Brother reality show is gradually inching to an end. By next week Sunday, the much talk about live TV programme will come to a crencendo and the 85 million naira star prize will be pocketted by whoever wins the contest.

With the array of strong contestants remaining in the lockdown house, it is hard to predict who may either stay till last day or emerge the winner of the edition.

But considering certain factors that are working for and against various housemates in the lockdown house, there is a green light beaming towards the direction of Nengi, the light skin lady who is currently rippling the social sea.

Before now, many viewers were banking on Laycon as the man to beat. But it appears the game has changed and things may not likely go as projected by Laycon fans.

Do not get it wrong, Laycon is still very much in the contest and he is strong enough to turn the table and realize the dream of winning the money. But this will only take an extraordinary efforts by his fans.

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As at present, he is the strongest rival of Nengi in the house. And like the case of Bisola and Efe, these two guys may likely be the last housemates to step out of the biggy House to the big stage where they will be presented their plaque of honour.

However, the pendulum of overall victory appears to be swinging on the side of the beauty pageant, Nengi.

In the early days of the show, Nengi and Dorathi were the centre of attentions in the house due to their rare physical attractions. Dorathy has all it takes to command a second look by anyone who glances at her even among her female colleagues.

Similarly, Nengi started her race by using her flashy sight and flamboyant outlook as a bait to have her way in the house. She had once set several housemates especially the guys against each other and slammed their heads together.

She was practically the Delilah of the big Brother’s House in the beginning. But in the long run, Erica stole the show and offstaged her. Apart from Erica’s relationship with Kiddwaya, she was everywhere, getting all the necessary attentions within and outside the house.

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The moment Nengi realized that Erica had clipped her wings, she momentarily quit the stage and began to role with Ozo and continued to play her game in the background.  

Erica had all the chances to outrun and outlive Nengi and any other contestant in the house but he bungled it. Her uncontrollable appetite for alcohol and overwhelming infatuation for kiddwaya eventually consumed her. 

She was disqualified after a verbal attack and threat to Laycon which was carried out under the influence of alcohol excessively taken during their previous night party.

If not for this factor, Erica would have been the lady to give Nengi, Laycon and any other prospective winner a hot chase for the 85million naira and may eventually push them to the sideline.

But now she has quit the stage and Nengi is back at the centre where she strikes from all angles. She is currently the head of house which automatically gives her immunity to any possible eviction this Sunday.

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Apart from the general offence committed by the housemates that got them punished by biggy, it does not seem she had violated any of the house rules that has gotten her a strike from biggy since she had been in the house.

She is currently one of the happening ladies that is keeping the sensational fire of the house burning. Aside this, she has considerably grown her fan based on social media who are ready to go any length to keep in the house and make her win the money.

Unconfirmed information from the grapevine also had it that there are money bag politicians who are currently routing for her and are ready to buy the organizer of the show with any amount in order for the lady to emerge winner.

If this is anything to go by, it is then safe to say that Laycon and the rest of the housemates should begin to congratulate Nengi before the last day of the show.