Forbes: Successful Nigerian youth to watch out

Nigerian is a country estimated to be approximately 200 million with largest human capital development available in the world for people of colour, large percentage above half of the population are within the age bracket of 18 – 49 years. Few successful young Nigerians who are business oriented have cut a niche and are making it in the business space.

Today story is about a Lagos based young Nigeria entrepreneur called David Lanre Messan who rose to become employer of labour.  

David Lanre Messan (DLM), founder and chief executive officer, The First Founders Inc and TroggeUrban Limited, is originally an idea strategist, then evolved into becoming a digital enterprise strategist, serial entrepreneur, startup advisor and angel investor. He heads a business incubation center committed to accelerating tech start-ups that serve the retail and consumer sector through the application of social capital and technology.

His key interests are in start-ups, music, fashion and technology. He is presently focused on helping people and businesses around the world develop digital enterprise models, raising funds and drive growth.“He has built a robust network with some of the brightest minds across the world while he’s happy that he’s recognized as one of the go-to-persons in Africa whenever international people want to do stuff in Africa”, he said.

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David Lanre Messan otherwise brand as DLM is grounded in the knowledge of shaping up entrepreneurs’, businesses and craft the most suitable solutions possible. He has years of experience in entrepreneurship, business planning, ideas and strategy development, branding, marketing, operations, leadership and decision analysis, communications, marketing and executive business presentations in the private and public sectors.

Having spoken in over fifty conferences across the globe amongst which are World Economic Forum on Africa to mention but few, he’s an inspiration to the youth and aspiring entrepreneur.

DLM has a solid academic background that has equipped him to run talent management, digital marketing and business project Management Company across Nigeria and beyond.

Not only Lagos state polytechnic could be proud of him as an alumni but Nexford University, Harvard business school grant him certificate after graduating.

The idea strategist (DLM) develop himself academically with field experience as an entrepreneur all through his life when he started from scratch, absolutely nothing but has become one the of the promising young entrepreneur looking to be in the Fobes list with time. He was taught to be contented but work hard – which exposed him to the power of curiosity and exploration from an early age. DLM learned the art of entrepreneurship from his mum, science behind intelligence and application of knowledge from his father which have shaped him for a great deal”, he said

His career development journey was one of weathering the storm to the top. It has been for him a journey of trials and errors, learning, unlearning and relearning. But he knew what he wanted – self-development, which he quite understood to be the only way out of an unwanted background. He did everything possible to seek knowledge; he read most of his father’s books, including ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Hardly will one believe he once hawk gala in traffic in lagos before teaching to raise money to buy internet night browsing at cybercafé to explore the new world of information and opportunity, learning leadership and idea strategist as he become one today.

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Why struggle continue, messan was shortlisted in 2005 by MTV/Stay Alive Foundation finalist, rated one of the 100 best authors by the World Bank in 2006 out of 1,900 authors in the world for sharing his ideas on how he planned to solve community problems.  In 2007, he founded Green Yaggy, a project under his first company, Infinite Impact, aimed at helping to democratize the process of starting a business and access technology opportunities. He impacted the lives of over 250 youth directly and 5,000 indirectly – an accomplishment that earned him a recognition as African Business Leaders Forum (ABLF) 101 Young African Leader in 2007. In 2008, he won the LEAP Africa Nokia Top 10 Youth Leadership Award. In 2011, he was selected as a pioneer global shaper of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and grew to become the community’s curator in Lagos and a contributor at various programs of the World Economic Forum and Grow Africa.

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The badagry Lagos indigene Lanre, has raised over $7 million for small businesses in Nigeria and beyond, providing tactics for growth of over 250 businesses start-ups in Nigeria. His skills has recognize him to be appointed communications consultant to Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre working with top politicians like former vice president of federal republic of Nigeria Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to mention but few providing technology strategy and grassroots insights.

He has explored the business world, the entertainment industry, the political space and more but come to focus on helping people and businesses go digital while is not only calling on Nigeria to build an enterprising nation but has his hands on deck to bring about an economy where young people will learn skills needed at the workplace or in the community as entrepreneurs. “If you are a young person looking for a job, do not apply only with your CV but apply with an outcome of what you can do directly to benefit the employer “–DLM quote.

“I have had my fingers burnt many times. I have lost money. I have been bankrupt and in debt. I have had failed businesses. I have been betrayed. It is all part of the journey. One thing that never left me was the template to make another million”, he said.- inspiring DLM quote

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